Vehicle Fixation System

Vehicle Fixation System

SAURUS LOADING SYSTEM is an automatic vehicle restraint system. A hydraulic wheel safety
system helping prevent accidents and injuries when loading vehicles with a ramp.
During the loading process, there is a risk that the vehicle may unintentionally slide off the ramp
due to the impact of the forklift, a problem known as vehicle drift. Another ever-present danger
is leaving the car too early due to misunderstanding, incorrect instructions or lack of
communication with the driver. For both risks,SAURUS LOADING SYSTEM automatic vehicle
restraint system is the ideal solution.

While the vehicle approaches the ramp, the SAURUS LOADING SYSTEM automatic automatic
vehicle restraint system acts as a parking guide for the vehicle approaching the ramp in reverse.
This reduces the possibility of damage to the vehicle, the dock, the dock leveler, or the building.
Once the vehicle is in the correct position in front of the ramp, the hydraulic wheel stabilization
system starts working via a button on the control box located inside the building. The rearmost
wheel of the vehicle is automatically detected and fixed by the laser sensor. The outstanding
feature of the SAURUS LOADING SYSTEM automatic fastening system is the constant force
coming from the hydraulic system, which ensures a reliable and safe fastening function during
loading operations.



NOTE :  SAURUS LOADING SYSTEM is shipped in a crate. Package dimensions are below.


1. Vehicle wheel diameter must be between 700 mm and 1200 mm.
2. The distance between the wheels to be locked must be at least 250 mm.