Mobile Ramps - PYR TW

Mobile Ramps - PYR TW


(Tail- Wheel)                                                                                              For photo gallery, click here.                                 Tailless Big Wheel Mobile Loading Ramp                                        For catalog, click here. 



This model, featuring a fixed tail, is 11.50m long. The decreasing slope facilitates the forklift's climbing ability. The easy use of the hydraulic equipment reduces the likelihood of malfunctions and maintenance. The weight of the ramp does not put pressure on the loaded vehicle via the front trailer jack stand. The ability to drive on uneven ground is achieved with the large wheel.


APPLICATION AREA: Outdoor/Indoor Area – Field

RAMP SURFACE: Full-pressure twisted notched grating

WHEEL TYPE: Pneumatic Tyre /Caster Wheels

CAPACITY: 6T / 8T / 10T / 12T / 15T / 20T / 25T /...

MANEUVER TYPE: The forklift connection allows for directional mobility. It utilizes a fixed-direction (forward-backwards) pneumatic wheel for movement, with steering controlled from the rear. This setup enables manoeuvring in spacious areas.

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