Mobile Ramps - FORMATION

Mobile Ramps - FORMATION


Created / Derived mobile loading ramp                    For photo gallery, click here.

RAMP TYPE: Mobile - Fixed                                          For catalog, click here.

DISTINCTIVE FEATURES: These ramps are available in fixed or mobile configurations, featuring electrically operated hinged or telescopic ramps integrated directly into delivery vehicles. They eliminate the need for loading tunnels or concrete heights, providing a safe and comfortable solution for loading and unloading operations at ground level.

APPLICATION AREA: Outdoor/Indoor Area – Field

RAMP SURFACE: Full-pressure twisted notched grating/ Drop patterned sheet metal

WHEEL TYPE: Pneumatic tyre

CAPACITY: 6T / 8T / 10T / 12T / 15T / 20T / 25T /...

MANEUVER TYPE: The forklift connection allows for directional mobility, utilizing a fixed-direction (forward-backward) pneumatic wheel for movement. Guidance is provided from behind, enabling manoeuvrability in large areas.

For photo gallery, click here.

For catalog, click here.