Fix Ramp

Fix Ramp


Fixed ramp                                                    For photo gallery, click here.

RAMP TYPE: Mobile - Fixed                     For catalog, click here.

DISTINCTIVE FEATURES: These are steel ramps designed to enable vehicle access to warehouses and factories situated at heights above ground level. They are simple, practical solutions that do not incorporate hydraulic components. These ramps serve as bridges, providing a stable and secure connection between the ground and the entrance of the building.

APPLICATION AREA: Outdoor/Indoor Area – Field / Dock front

RAMP SURFACE: Full-pressure twisted notched grating/ Drop patterned sheet metal


CAPACITY: 6T / 8T / 10T / 12T / 15T / 20T / 25T /...

MANEUVER TYPE: It can be transported using a forklift.

For photo gallery, click here.

For catalog, click here.