Mobile Ramps - PYR  BIGFOOT

Mobile Ramps - PYR BIGFOOT


Bigfoot / The largest and widest mobile loading ramp                                  For photo gallery, click here.

RAMP TYPE: Mobile                                                                                                    For catalog, click here.

DISTINCTIVE FEATURES: This model is ideal for demands requiring an internal width between 300cm and 450cm. It offers the advantage of being shipped in two separate pieces.

APPLICATION AREA: Outdoor/Indoor Area – Field

RAMP SURFACE: Full-pressure twisted notched grating

WHEEL TYPE: Pneumatic tyre

CAPACITY: 10T / 12T / 15T /20T /25T /...

MANEUVER TYPE: The forklift connection is designed for directional movement, featuring a fixed direction (forward-backward) pneumatic wheel for smooth movement. Steering is controlled from behind, enabling the ramp to be easily manoeuvred in large areas with precision and efficiency.

For photo gallery, click here.

For catalog, click here.