Mobile Ramps - PYR - Trailer

Mobile Ramps - PYR - Trailer


Trailer-type mobile loading ramp                                For photo gallery, click here.

RAMP TYPE: Mobile                                                          For catalog, click here.


DISTINCTIVE FEATURES: This mobile loading ramp is integrated with the trailer system, allowing for easy transportation over long distances. Its foldable tail feature facilitates use and manoeuvrability in narrow spaces. It is a practical product that is minimized with a size of 10.50m. It provides more economical transportation costs during the shipment process with its 8.50m length.

APPLICATION AREA: Outdoor/Indoor Area – Field

RAMP SURFACE: Full-pressure twisted notched grating

WHEEL TYPE: Pneumatic Tyre/Solid Wheel

CAPACITY: 6T / 8T / 10T / 12T / 15T / 20T / 25T/...

MANEUVER TYPE: It is designed for easy transportation by a forklift, featuring an arrowhead for secure connection. The front pneumatic tyres, equipped with a turntable, enable 90° directional movement, with 45° turns to the right and left. The rear solid wheels allow for transportation with various vehicle types, providing faster transportation over long distances.


For photo gallery, click here.

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