Mobile Ramps - PYR  LONG

Mobile Ramps - PYR LONG


✓ Accordingly to En1398 and ANSI+MH30.1-2015
✓ Have CE certification
✓ Capacity: 8-10-12-15-20 Ton
✓ Ability to load between 1000-1600mm,
✓ PYR mobile ramps manual trailer hoist and down/up mechanism in fast and slow mode,
✓ 8-10-12 Ton capacity ramps have one pair trailer hoist, 15-20 Ton capacity ramps two pair
trailer hoists
✓ With manual control hydraulic system for lifting front flaps and rear tail
✓ Front flaps are 750 mm long and can be folded into two pieces,
✓ Front flaps are made of hoist and ST52 quality teardrop pattern sheet.
✓ 8-10-12 Ton capacity ramps have 12/13mm thick front flaps and 15-20 ton capacity ramps
22/23mm thick front flaps.
✓ Rear tail is 2000*2000mm in size and can be folded with hydraulic force,
✓ Open length is 10925mm, closed length is 8750mm,
✓ Platform internal width 1900 mm,
✓ There are 350mm high side protection barriers on both sides of the platform,
✓ Steel construction designed for load distribution,
✓ The product has swivel feet that adapt to the floor,
✓ To reposition the mobile loading ramp, heavy-duty wheels are available,
✓ SA2,5 quality sandblasting before painting.
✓ RAL9005 and RAL2004 epoxy first layer and acrylic finish layer.
✓ Designed to be maintenance-friendly, parts are interchangeable,